The UKACC was founded by a number of senior Air Cargo Industry figures in 1962 and Dick Haynes of Lufthansa, German Airlines, was voted to be the club’s first Chairman. A small committee under the leadership of Dick guided the club through its formative years and from a small membership in the early days, the club went from strength to strength and today is one the leading clubs of its type anywhere in the world. Although membership is on an individual basis, through its members, UKACC2000 has representation from most major airlines, forwarders and other industry related companies.



2018 John Ward
2017 Ajay Barolia
2016 Richard Miller
2015 Joe Becket
2014 Tim Hitchings
2013 Robert Keen
2012 Mark Olney
2011 Mark Davey
2010 Mark Wardman
2009 Pat Roche
2008 Mark Olney
2007 Jo Aldridge
2006 Mark Wardman
2005 Lesley Cripps
2004 Mark Olney
2003 Malcolm Crowe
2002 Mark Davey
2001 Mandy Wardman
2000 Steve Lee
1999 M R Olney
1998 S Buckerfield
1997 P Lewis
1996 Ms J Evans McArthur
1995 R Banks
1993/4 D Woodward
1993 P Patrick
1992 J E Clarke
1991 Ms C Warner
1990 R Ratnage
1989 G E Mills
1988 P R Hunt
1987 R Eves
1986 R Ratnage
1985 J Clements
1984 J F Newman
1983 R S Archer
1982 M H Crowe
1981 D W Snell
1980 P L Davis
1979 P Patrick
1978 J E Clarke
1977 D Deeney
1976 R R E Haynes
1975 R M Needham
1974 Ms J Philipps
1973 C Chipperfield
1972 C D Frost
1971 J R Jones
1970 D G Bolinden
1969 L Wells
1968 J E Large
1967 S Vowles
1966 J L Lindsell
1965 H Robins
1964 G Batson
1963 D W Guppy
1962 R R Haynes