Air Canada Cargo provides direct cargo services to over 150 Canadian, U.S. transborder and international destinations and has sales representation in over 50 countries. With hubs in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, London and Frankfurt, our network is extended through interline agreements with other air carriers and through ground trucking services offered in selected markets, serving more than 300 destinations in all.

Air Canada Cargo is Canada’s largest provider of air cargo services as measured by cargo capacity. Our primary customers are large freight forwarding companies and businesses whose products require the use of air services to expedite their time sensitive cargo shipments. We offer shipping solutions tailored to specific commodities and time requirements to meet the needs of our customers efficiently and cost-effectively.
With a focus on innovation, we develop applications and utilize technology to consistently improve operational and business processes and deliver quality service. We are active in many industry initiatives and assume a position of leadership in moving the air cargo industry forward.


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